AND I got this back in my change. 2 bucks for 10 cents! Yay silver.


I spent a total of 2 hours finding these tapes and DVDs at thrift stores and listing them on amazon. I haven’t had a ton of luck with the rare VHS tapes recently, but this seemed worth the gamble. I spent $18.99 and they are currently listed for a total of $340.95.


I stopped by my usual local spot and found this cool old muppet VHS tape that was going for 40 bucks online, sadly I took a look at it while in line for the register, and the tape was falling apart. I did pick up this Nintendo 64 carrying case for 5 bucks that appears to go for about 35 on eBay. I also grabbed a DVD of the web comic pvp for 3.99. It’s going for 55-60 on amazon right now, but it appears to be available elsewhere for 20 bucks, so we shall see if it sells.


You may have noticed a ton of my “finds” are old video games or movies. This is not because they are inherently more valuable than other things you can find at thrift stores and garage sales, but because they are areas I know about. I grew up playing far too much NES (and started hunting down games for myself when my brother sold off all my old games without letting me know) and I minutes in cinema studies as an undergrad. I suppose my advice is “hunt for what you enjoy and what you know. Or even what you want to know MORE about.”

I found this while giving away a bunch of old books at a town dump’s give and take section. PA2 slim and a handful of games. I should be able to turn them around for about $75 on amazon.